The Little Things


This is one of the many signs that greeted me as I visited my elementary school today.

I went to drop off my brother and see my mom, but of course while I was there I went to see the teachers that still worked there from my school years and was asked to help with some tasks that needed to be done.

It’s always so interesting to see your former teachers because they ask you to share with them a slice of your happy college life (and maybe some of the miserable details too). No matter what they always seem to encourage you with what you are going through and assure you that you can make it. Also, I went to Catholic schools, so the teachers like to pray for you (a lot).


So this was my task. Make pillowcases for the 1st grade class.

Wow…. 2024. That’s so far away. This may seem far fetched, but I’m glad the parents and teachers are already encouraging them to succeed and continue school through graduation, even if it is 2024.

Did my class ever think 2011 would get here? No. But it did. And now it’s passed.

But after we reached that one milestone in our life, it was time to make new goals and reach for something more than ourselves.

We aim above the mark to hit the mark -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another quote on the wall in the school.

I know I live by this on a daily basis. By looking at my schedule (especially my sleep schedule) you can see all the steps I am taking to strive for my personal success. I push myself even when I don’t think I can physically, mentally, or emotionally make it any more; that is when I look higher than myself and ask for help.

My prayers for this semester probably hit a record high. I also emailed multiple teachers in regards to my grades and they proved to me how caring teachers can be and their willingness to work with students when asked.

After my toughest semester yet (worked an on-campus job, took 19 hours of classes, had a position in my sorority, studied HARD to stay in Honors College (especially A&P of Speech), hosted events with the Southern Miss Activities Council, and other various responsibilities), I earned a 4.0! I am beyond grateful and thank everyone who supported me, especially my close friends and roommate who put up with me on those crazy nights when I sat on the floor studying for hours with Grover the plush toy by my side.

I also want to apologize for any remarks I made due to my lack of sleep or sanity. I’m sorry.

So, to celebrate my grades, I bought my first snow cone of the year!


Peach with Cream. Mmmmm

I like to live on a more carefree or whimsical side. My brother?


…not quite as much. He is not one to partake in the consumption of snow cones, which makes me wonder how we could be related.

The weather was absolutely beautiful today. The best “first” day of summer.

For the rest of the afternoon, I laid on our newly painted red backyard swing and read The Great Gatsby which I am hoping to see in the very near future (:

The little things truly are the ingredients to happiness.

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