“Always come back”

“Always come back”

At our last Delta Gamma chapter meeting this spring, a senior, Katie, stood up and shared these words of wisdom. (Yes, I took notes). From the moment she said it, I could not help but realize how true and important it is. If you don’t go back to where you are from how are you supposed to share your new knowledge of the world?

Today, I visited my old high school. Not much has changed. Like always, students filter in and out of the hallways and into the world with new skills and lifelong friends. Teachers come and go, but the ones that remain from my years as a student have not changed.

I’m especially glad about this because these are the people who pushed me out of my hometown and to bigger and better things for myself. I will never forget that my most inspirational and motivational teacher was my art teacher.

I took art every year of high school. It was one of the most relaxing hobbies I could have adopted and I am forever glad that I did. Every day I happily went to art class because of the atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance that hovered in the room. Today was no exception.

To start off, I visited all my previous teachers and saved my art teacher for last. I did this so I could stay late and paint more on our mural.


My last semester of high school, the more advanced art students (mainly seniors) worked together to paint a mural of our Delta home. Sadly, we did not finish before we graduated.

 Image  Image

But, every time I came home last year I made sure to go see if anything new had been painted on the mural. It was finally completely covered with paint and looked amazing but still needed to be fixed in certain areas. Two of my best friends and I (the “art captains” for the mural) visited the school a few times to finish painting where we left off. We even decided to add some new features.


One thing our class had thought of but never drew on the wall was a Teddy Roosevelt bear. On one of my more recent visits, the bear was drawn on the wall (dun dun dun). Well today, I finally finished the bear and painted the rope that he hung on.


It’s been a journey to see this masterpiece blossom in my presence and to come back to it after almost two years and see how much it has developed in my absence. (Unfortunately I have had the worst luck finding my photos that encompass the entire mural, BUT if I find them I will be sure to post them one day)

Now let me back track… so when I was in high school my teacher always told me to believe in myself and pushed me to do so much more than I thought I could. He always said you can do whatever you put your mind to (which I have found to be even truer recently)

Side note: many clichés have been proven true. Therefore, I use many of them (in case you didn’t notice).

While I was painting the rope, I was being self-critical (again) and my teacher called me out on it (again). He spoke more about how that’s what drives us in life and always makes us want more. We push ourselves and God pushes us. We should want the best out of ourselves and not accept less.

He assured me that anything I do on this mural, or anywhere, will always be admirable to someone. I don’t have to impress the best because there will always be people who are impressed by what I have done. He shared many stories about his life with my class throughout the years and I believe they always served as encouragement in some way. He always said how thankful he was that he realized what he was missing and was glad he came back, especially to art. God helped him come back.

God really does bring you back to where you need to be. You may not realize it at first but He does.

So in my attempt to tie all of this together…

My point is never forget where you come from and always come back. Stay motivated and never give up on yourself. Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. People want you to share what you have learned and also see what has happened while you were away. You are wanted and needed, and don’t let someone or something make you think otherwise. You’d be surprised by what you can give and still learn from going back to your beginnings.

4 thoughts on ““Always come back”

  1. First let me say that I’m glad “luckettmenow” won the blog name contest…it really is a brilliant name. Second, that mural rocks and your former teacher sounds like a very wise man. Keep blogging girl because I think you’re gonna have quite the following.

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