Unpacking and packing

Ok. I’m going to attempt to make this super quick compared to my first posts because I gotta get some sleep.

Tomorrow will be the first day of my traveling this summer. I’ll have to wake up early to drive almost 3 hours to Columbus, MS to meet for the first ever NEW Leadership Mississippi program. (Not gonna lie, I creeped on our last mass email for the program and noticed from the list of email recipients that there are 3 other girls from USM that will be there, so I can’t wait to meet them!)

It was hectic trying to pack since I was unpacking from college at the same time (This picture doesn’t even show my room at its craziest state).

This doesn't even show my room at its worst

This doesn’t even show my room at its worst

So during all this chaos I also traveled to Cleveland for a day. I went to the Delta Council annual meeting to watch my brother sing with his school choir (they did excellent btw).


Well in my attempts to sit away from everyone so I could just watch and listen without seeming too lame since I was alone, I sat on the top back row of the auditorium. Well, within 30 seconds, an older gentleman sat down beside me and said “well I guess if we sit in the back we can get out and eat quicker”. His hospitable charm made me laugh. As we continued to talk, we discovered we both lived in the same town, and our conversation just kept flowing until the meeting began. We also talked about the community, my school (USM and St. Joe), and why he had moved to the Delta. As much as I didn’t want to converse with others that morning, our conversation really was a pleasure.

The rest of the day was wonderful, and the phone calls I made on the drive home were quite enjoyable.

My dinner that night could only be summed up by one quote

In this house, the spices don’t come in bottles; they come from the conversation at the dinner table

I ate a close friend’s house and was surrounded by the liveliness of her family. One word: Italian. (sings “I love it!”)

I took an unpacking/packing break to go to church, of course, and see Iron Man 3. Honestly, I wasn’t quite into the first two movies, but this one was AMAZING. I loved every moment and it didn’t even seems like 130 minutes had passed.

At the close of this Sunday night, I am finally packed and ready for my busy week (and the rest of my room is fairly organized too!)

Wish me luck!

Instead of a song at the end of this post, I’ve decided to list all the weird or extremely delicious food I’ve consumed over the past few days: Kool-Aid pickle, the “Kevin Bacon” burger, my grandmother’s YUMMY chocolate cake, Mississippi Mud yogurt, Delta State sprinkles, bacon-wrapped chicken, green bean casserole, lots of movie popcorn, pink lemonade cookie, and chicken in a biscuit.



In case you didn't believe me.

In case you didn’t believe me.

Oh and I also took my dog for the first walk she’s probably had in months!

Run like the wind, Delilah!

Run like the wind, Delilah!

2 thoughts on “Unpacking and packing

  1. Rachael, my room is terrible! I don’t think you can even walk through it for all the suitcases! I finished exams and headed home with a card load of junk on Thursday, repacked for NEW and came back to Columbus last Monday and when NEW is over I will go home for 5 days and head to Columbus for MGS. Phew, busy month!
    Also, 5 girls from Southern are doing NEW. 🙂

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