Day 4 of “NEW”

Such an eventful day!

We visited the Capitol! We were still pretty tired when we left at 7:30 A.M., so personally I slept quite a bit on the way to Jackson.

When we arrived in downtown Jackson, it was just the same as I remembered it. Busy streets. Beautiful architecture. Church bells ringing. And thank goodness for the clear blue skies.


As we walked toward the Capitol building, we met up with Senator Sally Doty who led us around and finally inside the building. Once inside we were given two tour guides.

view of the rotunda from the bottom floor

view of the rotunda from the bottom floor

My group started by going upstairs to the Senate. On the way, we saw three magnificent stain glass windows, the real marble, and the original structures and lighting of the building.


The Capitol actually opened in 1901 and replaced the Old Capitol building which is also located in downtown Jackson.

When we visited the Senate, Sen. Doty came to speak to us again, showed us her desk, and gave us a few inside points about what really goes on in the Senate. One thing I really appreciated in the ceiling décor was the painted image of a Choctaw Indian princess (I, myself, am a little bit Choctaw).


We then visited the House of Representatives and it was just as amazing.

House of Representatives

House of Representatives

Walking back into the new summer heat, we met Governor Phil Bryant and took a quick photo with him. We also met Cindy Hyde Smith, the Commissioner of Agriculture, who gave us great insight into her position when she addressed us later.

Commissioner of Agriculture Cindy Hyde Smith and Senator Sally Doty

Commissioner of Agriculture Cindy Hyde Smith and Senator Sally Doty

Sen. Doty arranged our day at the Capitol and filled it with seventeen excellent speakers (as if we had any doubt), great tours, and a delicious lunch. Thank you so much again.

We exited the front of the Capitol to walk a few blocks to tour the Old Capitol. Surprisingly, I never went on one of these classic field trips in elementary school, so all of this was new to me!

The Old Capitol building!

The Old Capitol building!



The Old Capitol is much smaller and has been renovated, but it was still interesting to see. We also heard more speakers here before departing Jackson.

To say the least, my pinky toes were screaming at me way before we got on the bus, so I was extremely relieved to finally sit down. On the bus, I sat with my friend from MGS, and we finally caught up after 3 years apart. I really hope that this experience will bring us even closer in the future and that we can stay in touch better (:

Well after three hours of driving away from the sunset, we made it back to the W safe and sound (no need to worry, mother).

We ate greasy pizza for once this week inside the adorable Puckett House, and I must say… it has been such a phenomenal week. I know we still have half of a day left tomorrow, but when we were eating I couldn’t help but notice how sociable everyone was. From the loud or funny or deep conversations that were taking place, we all seemed like we had known each other much longer than just four days.

Before I get sentimental too soon, I want to give you my daily advice/quotes:

  • “Women can do what they want; they are made of an indescribable fiber.” – C. Smith
  • Capitalize on the opportunities you are given. They may look small in front of you, but they are huge behind you.
  • “If you want a job talked about, get a man. If you want a job done, get a woman.” – Liz Welch
  • Stay prepared, get your education, and don’t forget your overall plan.
  • You can’t put a dollar amount on experience.
  • Develop relationships with the people you work with and also those involved with the position you want.
  • “Don’t tell someone no. Just accept the opportunity and become an expert in it.” – Ashley Buckman
  • Don’t disregard any networking opportunity.
  • You can’t be all things to all people. (Amen.)
  • If you have low morale, don’t tell anyone because it can discourage others.
  • Be flexible. Nothing is going to go as planned.
  • Remember that a small change you make will make a large difference down the line. (Hello, butterfly effect.)
  • Never compromise your integrity.
  • Keep people’s confidences.
  • Always give back. (Hmmm this sounds familiar…
  • Always take chances to expand your knowledge.
  • Don’t over plan your life. Let life come to you.

Another thing that many of our speakers tied into their speeches was how God has helped guide them and how they trusted Him with their decision making. Maybe it’s because we are in the Bible Belt, maybe it’s because we are Southerners or Mississippians, or maybe it’s because it’s truly great life advice.

Don’t overthink or over plan what you are going to do next. This advice was stressed a lot today, and I’m going to be taking it into serious consideration.

(One thing I forgot to mention last night is that we had a little impromptu talent show. Someone sang a Beyoncé song, so in response to that… this is how I feel about this week.)

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