Sometimes we have to part

First of all, due to multiple recent conflicts my family and I did not go to the beach this past weekend. It’s OK. I was a little upset at first because I love getting my beach tan on, but my weekend at home ended up being a really nice one.

I slept for a good long time Saturday and then got to work with Mama by decorating the backyard with different yard trinkets. It was absolutely beautiful weather. I even got a little suntan goin’ on.

How could we leave Delilah out of the fun?

How could we leave Delilah out of the fun?

We sold our trampoline. This was a challenge physically and emotionally. Physically, because we tried so many ways to roll it across the yard. It was so difficult that we finally decided it would be easiest to take it apart completely. Emotionally, because I remember when we first bought it and you couldn’t keep me off it. I hated to see it go, just like I hated to see my dad tear down our old tree house years ago.

No, we didn’t use them anymore, but people like to keep things for the memories. Am I right? At least I do.

But… sometimes things just have to go. It’s a part of life and moving on.

I also had time to fit in a relaxing bike ride!

Saw some ducks!

Saw some ducks!

How do you end a perfect day? With a juicy homemade cheeseburger, crispy fries, and an ice cold Coca-Cola. (Thank you, Daddy!)

Sunday, we moved a new dresser into my room which I’m pretty excited about. My furniture now matches!

I also had to go through all my junk and get rid of quite a few things. I’m going to spoil my own secret here. I’ve been wearing an old favorite pair of jeans for the past year as capris, but they were really just cut off from being too short. I finally made myself throw them away. I say when you get new things that you also need to get rid of some old things.

And now, my room looks a LOT nicer!

It also helps that I just packed up my bags to come back to Columbus for MGS! My best friend Lesedi and I usually travel together each year, and we ended up getting here a day earlier than originally expected.

Downtown Columbus

Downtown Columbus

It’s been great though so far. Several of us are already here and preparing for this year’s session to start. We unpacked and went to Starkville for dinner and trivia night at Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern. This was my first visit to Dave’s, and, yes, it was dark. I only knew a few trivia answers, but I loved the food. I tasted a few different things on the table, and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some yum-yum grub in the Golden Triangle area.

Tomorrow we are having our official Residential Assistant training, and hopefully all the staff will be moved in soon. There are a few people that have worked with the program at least since my first year as a scholar and sadly won’t be returning this year. They know who they are, and I already miss them so much!

Well I usually fall asleep super easily, but I’m getting so excited about this year’s session! We have a lot of new and returning staff and faculty members, and I can’t wait for all of us to be together and get this show on the road!

Movies/shows enjoyed this weekend: The Big Bang Theory, I Saw What You Did (1965), Romeo + Juliet, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Whip It (twice)

Travel music (just listen to the whole album):

One thought on “Sometimes we have to part

  1. I also have had trouble with parting with old, sentimental items. I admittedly don’t handle nostalgia very well either. Also interestingly enough, I was just able to get a bed that matched my other bedroom furniture; my brother broke the matching/original one some time ago.

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