Pick up where we left off

Like I said in my last post, the past few days have been BUSY. Let me emphasize busy one more time.


By the time I get settled in my room and ready to write everything down that I’m thinking about, I’m too tired. MGS keeps you moving all day and by the end of the day you’re drained whether you are a scholar or on the staff/faculty. We plan so many activities for the scholars to experience and we leave them mentally, physically and sometimes even emotionally exhausted.

Each year I’ve been on staff, I have learned something different. The 3-week schedule generally stays the same from year to year, but sometimes the times or days change. We also try to incorporate new activities to replace older ones when we see it necessary. Watching these changes can be easy and difficult. Planning the activity. Setting up the activity. Working the activity.

I love doing the same activities year to year. I remember the experiences I had as a scholar, and I want the scholars to have wonderful memories too. I took a TON of pictures my scholar year, so I can remember all the different things we did here. There are also memories that were not captured by a camera, but I can still remember all the details like it happened yesterday.

This picture alone can make me think of so many memories from my year, including the close friendships I made and the game "Noodles" that we made up together (just to name a couple).

This picture alone can make me think of so many memories from my year, including the close friendships I made and the game “Noodles” that we made up together (just to name a couple).

This place has a lot of tradition, so there are many things that happen every year. Scholars take a college course and interest course every year. Since 2007, there has also been a leadership class that meets twice a week. There are also many activities, secret and announced, that occur every year.

So far, we’ve had the staff scavenger hunt where the students try to find the staff members while trying to learn the campus layout. This lasted so late and I was sitting in the dark most of the time. When the teams stopped by each location, they had to ask the staff member questions and do funny activities. This year I enjoyed making the teams play “Ring around the Rosie” and call my friends to sing to them.

One team sings "Ring around the Rosie"

One team sings “Ring around the Rosie”

Kate Brown, former director of MGS, came to speak about leadership styles and had us do a shortened Myers Briggs assessment. I did this personality assessment for the first time in 2010, and I got ISTJ. At least one letter of my personality changes every time I take it. This year I was ENTJ. Kate explained the personality types and even gave us an informative pamphlet to give us even more insight into what type of person we are. Mine was pretty accurate. I am usually an “S” but I change depending on the situation.


I also had the opportunity to teach American Sign Language to a group of scholars. I have taken two semesters of ASL and I will take it again this fall. I enjoyed having scholars that were genuinely interested in the subject, and I really loved being able to share a passion of mine.

Loved it.

Last night I had the chance to sing again with my best friend since junior high. Lesedi and I sang a choir favorite, “Danny Boy”. We have sung it before, but this year our good friend LT accompanied us with flute. It was beautiful, and I always love getting to sing with her. It brings back the best memories I had from high school and makes me wish that summer lasted longer.

Also last night we were all pleasantly surprised to see a couple veteran staff members, Erin and Madi. These two girls have been here every year. These women have played so many different roles in my life throughout the past few years. Friends. Counselors. Guides. Supporters. Leaders. MGS Enthusiasts. Although we don’t talk constantly, we know how to pick up right where we left off, and I know that we will see more of each other in the future.

Madi, me, Lesedi, and Erin at the Faculty Showcase

Madi, me, Lesedi, and Erin at the Faculty Showcase

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