Every success is followed by a failure

So, I know I just posted last night, but I feel like today was a really awesome day, for the most part.

We had deep conversations with scholars and got on a new level with them.

Emotions were thrown across the board today in general; some good, some bad.

Our good vibes came from us working together to do something completely new for the scholars. We had a Block Party! I thought it was genius, and it went so smoothly. We had a snow cone machine, popcorn machine, a variety of music playing, sidewalk chalk, dancing, and a photo booth. I loved how everything came together. At our meeting this morning, we delegated every member of the staff to do something in preparation for tonight. I feel like every member pulled their weight on this one. This activity was a major success also because almost every scholar ended the day on a high note, which was our main goal for the block party. I really hope it can be repeated in the future.

After this weekend, I would say this was the best team building activity for the staff so far. I feel like we have revamped and become more energized for the tasks we have to complete in the next couple weeks.

However, there are still ways for us to improve. We did have a great event, but there were other things about today that did not go as smoothly. Individuals with positions need to learn to delegate responsibilities to others and learn to trust each other to get the job done. We should want to be on time and really aim for the most impacting effect with all of our scheduled events. Everyone needs to be at hand for any task given. We also need to be open to all the ideas that are being given. Compromise isn’t always the best solution. We need to collaborate.

I feel like there were many ways that we grew, but we still have a long way to go.

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