Laughter is our exercise

“And we danced. And we laughed. And we cried. And had a really really really good time.” -Macklemore

This basically describes my life (at MGS or in general).

At MGS, we become those people that you feel way too comfortable doing anything with. We have strange senses of humor. We are awkward. We dance like a bad Harlem Shake video. And we love it.

I have a couple best friends who have gone through this experience with me and, man, do we know how to laugh. One stupid pun leads to really bad jokes which lead to Snapchat worthy facial expressions which lead to uncontrollable giggling and so on and so forth until our stomachs hurt from all the laughter.

The night of our faculty showcase JJ and Harrison gave comedic performances. One was a standup act: shorter, witty, and no one could wipe the grins off our faces. One was a reading of a short story that made us pay attention and soak up all the horrendous but absolutely comical details. It’s the bad humor and the good humor that get us every time, especially around people that we know on a more personal level. Laughter so easily overcomes us.

Laughter is contagious. My friend LT has a laugh like no other, and on top of that he says “BLAM!” after everything. It’s almost impossible to not laugh at everything he says or at least all of his sarcastic comments, even when we are not playing around.

Don’t get me wrong, Apples to Apples is a very fun game that makes everyone titter and enjoy each other’s company. But, Cards Against Humanity? I don’t think I can ever play Apples to Apples again. Cards Against Humanity absolutely took my breath away. It’s raunchy, shocking, and despicably awkward, especially the combinations of answers that can be made. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to introduce this game to me because it is the most hilarious card game I’ve ever played. (Don’t do this at home, kids.)

Cuddling with your friends can bring on some funny moments, too, like looking up people’s Vine accounts instead of actually getting a much needed Sunday afternoon nap. But do we ever do those needed things when we are with friends? Nahhh.

Sometimes we sit on the floor and talk after the scholars have gone to bed. We release our anger through our wide range of vocabulary that we can’t use during the day. Sometimes it’s serious talk. Other times? Just straight up hilarious.

On YouTube there is a parody video called “Beauty and the Beat” ( The staff decided to rewrite this parody and make it based around a scholar experience at MGS. We had so much fun reading over and singing our parts. The lyrics are outrageously funny! We couldn’t even make it through the performance without laughing. It is now a great memory from this year’s session and a song that will always be stuck in my head.

We laugh with the scholars… and at them. We can’t help it. We are all children at heart as well. As mature as we are, there is always some immaturity that shows through. Sorry, we’re not sorry.

Another reading at the faculty showcase about happiness versus miserableness made us see how one thing in life can be absolutely amazing or absolutely dreadful depending on perspective. It made us realize how contradicting our society is and forced us to laugh at ourselves yet again.

Sometimes, we make mistakes and do have to laugh at ourselves. Even if we don’t want to laugh, or we are so stressed at the moment, or everything is going wrong and we just want to cry, we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves. How else are we going to move on with our particularly long days? The other night I actually tried to edit photo booth pictures, and I stayed up incredibly late trying to figure it all out. In the end, I edited the pictures, but I also had some new pictures that we accidentally took on my webcam. Facepalm.

To (try to) avoid awkward or embarrassing moments, I laugh daily and you should too.


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