Don’t be short

Over the past days of being home, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Don’t wear shorts that don’t cover yourself.
  2. Don’t give short answers.
  3. Don’t expect for planning to take a short amount of time.
  4. AND how to make shorts!

First, when at Walmart, when going to the gas station, when in Greenville, you will see a lot of outfits that are bordering appropriate. Most of the people do not care what they are wearing. I don’t mean “Oh I’m in a sorority and I don’t care if I wake up and wear a t-shirt and leggings/shorts.” No. These people blindly dress themselves. Usually the area least covered is the buttocks. I’ve seen saggin’ britches and booty shorts that literally cover only their cheeks. I’m ashamed to claim this as home, but it’s the “troof”.

It could be worse, but still...

It could be worse, but still…

Next, when you eat with your grandmother, your close friends, or anyone you haven’t seen in a while, give detailed answers. You’re meeting up to eat up and catch up. Don’t spare them because you’ve already told everyone else that you talk to daily. I was so glad to grab dinner with my close friends from high school this week. It’s rare that our schedules are open on the same days, but we always seem to meet up at least once every major school break. I really hope we can stay close as we enter different phases of our lives.

I got this trinket from my MGS roommate in 2010. Unfortunately, it broke the other day.

I got this trinket from my MGS roommate in 2010. Unfortunately, it broke the other day.

Napkin pack I found while shopping with friends

Napkin pack I found while shopping with friends

I got a little crafty these past few days. I made a t-shirt, three headbands, and a pair of shorts.

I only spent:

  • exactly $8 on my shirt
  • about $4.50 on my shorts
  • zip for my headbands.

For the shirt, I took a lot of time to plan the design. I had to measure and draw the letters, sketch the design on the letters, cut out the tiny designs, and tape them all together. I set up my spray paint area outside in the grass with plenty of old newspapers. I put a used Lisa Frank folder inside my white t-shirt and pinned it to the newspaper on the ground. After a lot of spraying, I completed the shirt to my satisfaction and pulled up the stencil. Sorry, but I’m going to brag; it looks badass. I hung it on the lattice in the garage for it to fully dry, so I could wash it and wear it for the Fourth. I don’t have a picture of the finished shirt, but you’ll just have to wait until I wear it!

IMG_4150   IMG_4155

Now my grandmother and I spent about five hours Thursday trying to fix up some shorts I had made out of Mom’s old jeans. Figuring out how to let out the waistband the way I imagined it was “enough to make a preacher cuss”. We finally eliminated the fraying problem and also added a couple buttons. We also added a printed fabric to the bottom of the shorts to make them a smidge longer. After all the sewing, ripping out, and a few glasses of peach tea, we had a finished product. I wore them that night, and I must say I love ‘em.



IMG_4144 IMG_4145

I hot glued some headbands together last night using some fabric, ribbons, and elastic that my grandmother gave me. This project was fairly simple, and now I have some nifty headwear.


There is no better feeling than making something original and then wearing it for everyone to see. Hard work pays off. Plus, who doesn’t like to brag on themselves a little?

Don’t just take my word for it. Go; live life and see for yourself.

"After a storm comes a calm" (Friday, June 28)

“After a storm comes a calm” (Friday, June 28)

2 thoughts on “Don’t be short

  1. So cool Rachael! I’ve worn the brown headband you made at MGS several times and I always get a ton of compliments on it!

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