Branson: Day 3

Shopping day.

Mom and I left about an hour after we had planned. Not surprised.

We went shopping at a variety of places. First a Christmas village that overpriced everything. All I wanted was a Raggedy Ann bell ornament, but it was $9 and not even two inches long. No, thank you.

Before leaving this shopping area, we continued to walk around and look at some of the glittery items in store windows.


In the store with this display, there were many older women and lots of gaudy merchandise. I admit there was one pair of small silver shoes I wanted to try on, but they didn’t have anymore in my size. One lady was trying on a pair of pink glitter cowboy boots, so my mother applauded her.

The next store was a small variety store. They carried jewelry, some dresses, scarves, and more personalized domestic items. It was a tight squeeze in here. I literally felt like I was in a maze because of the way I was maneuvering around and between the workers and this Girl’s Trip group of five. We also found the second part of the store: food. They had samples of their different wafers, chips, salsas, dips, iced coffee, raspberry lemonade, etc. Oh yeah, and they sold packages of the ingredients, too.

We found the car and drove to find a certain shop that we went to last time we were here. Sadly, this huge store did not exist anymore. It had been turned into a “Fun Spot” with all kinds of activities for kids.

I’ve also noticed that many attractions that were here five years ago no longer exist. The Grand Palace, Red Roof shopping center, Branson Mall, The Grand Country shopping center, an adorable clock museum located downtown, and worst of all Celebration City. Celebration City was an amusement park. Online news articles say that the park wasn’t meeting it’s financial expectations. For me this is sad and hard to believe. Where are we supposed to watch fireworks on the Fourth? The economy has finally hit this place, and it shows.

Anyways, to continue our shopping day we went downtown to Dick’s Five and Dime. I remember going in here long ago, and it had so many cool things. It still had all the cool trinkets and more. It seemed more tightly packed than before. Basically only one row of people could be going down an aisle at a time. It had the tourist souvenirs, the hillbilly tools, costume apparel, toys, candy, and basic kitchen and sewing materials.

Wish we could have gotten this.

Wish we could have gotten this.

Beautiful scenery behind the register

Beautiful scenery behind the register


I bought some ridic cat playing cards, and Mom picked out a “Soft Kitty” button for me. Meow.

I also got some fun costume stuff and a huge Tootsie Roll. There were a few other things in our bags, but they were more normal.

By the time we finally busted out of there we were hungry as a pack of wolves. After walking street after street trying to find the perfect diner, we finally stopped at the first place we saw. It was Main Street Alley. Two young guys opened the place a year ago, and they have continually expanded with a gift shop and serving breakfast. My favorite part of the meal was dessert. We ordered ice cream and peach cobbler. Mmm.

We left by different route and circled around the city on Hwy 248 N. We found the Branson Meadows Shoppes and Cinema. We bought tickets to return to the movies tonight, but didn’t stay long to shop.

We finally made it to Tanger Outlets. After only seeing about a quarter of the stores and buying one pair of shoes each, we decided to leave. Honestly sales stress me out. Like BOGO for example. When I finally found the perfect pair of wedges that I needed, I felt the need to find another pair of shoes to buy to get the deal. I was in there an embarrassingly long amount of time to only come out with one purchase. But, I’m glad I turned down buying something just to win bingo.

We went home to grab a bite to eat and grab the other two. They had been playing golf all day on the course at our condominium, and they seemed to have enjoyed it.

We arrived early to the movies to buy some popcorn and make sure we snagged the best seats. Success. Sheldon would approve. The theaters were small but very personal. The seats were placed in a semi-circle and made it feel like a home theater.

The Heat: better than Bridesmaids. That’s all I’m saying.



(Just an FYI: Family vacations are not all frills. I choose to only write about the happy parts because those are the only parts I want to remember. I know that probably disappointed some of you, but I don’t want anyone to get the wrong view about my family and me.)

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