Branson: Day 4

Today, a little before noon, everyone was finally ready to go kayaking.

We drove a few miles down the road and met our kayak supplier. The gas station beside Kayak Branson had a sign that said “Live Beer, Cold Bait”. Nice. Before leaving, we also picked up a couple from Ohio; the woman reminded me of my aunt who I’ll be seeing in just two weeks. Very spunky and social.


My mother and brother decided that they wanted kayaks, while my dad and I agreed  to ride a canoe. This arrangement didn’t last long. Throughout the trip we stopped and switched positions so that everyone got to ride in the kayaks and canoe, except for Dad who didn’t want to be in the kayak.


The water was moving fast, and the sun was as bright as could be. Our boats entered the water at Table Rock Dam and our mission was to travel eight miles down (or I guess, up) Lake Taneycomo to the Branson Landing.

The blue dot was our halfway point, aka the College of the Ozarks library on our right side.

We started at the bottom where the water begins. We ended a little after the map ends on the top right. The blue dot was our halfway point, aka the College of the Ozarks library on our right side.


My mother thought we might be stopping to take a swim at some point, until we felt the water. It was about 45-50 degrees throughout the lake. No way were we stopping to swim. (Apparently, the water doesn’t get much warmer than this at any point of the year.) We did stop a couple times when we switched positions or had to use the restroom at a boat docking area.


I had heard that kayaks were more difficult to navigate than canoes, but I loved the kayak. I didn’t want to get out. It was much easier to control, and I could choose the distance between myself and my family.


Watching the birds flying above us in the mountains and seeing the beautiful lake houses was a treat.


I got a lot of sun (ouch), but it’ll go away eventually.

Our adventure only lasted 3 hours and then we were picked up to be taken back to our car.

We were all hungry considering we didn’t eat lunch, so everyone wanted to eat at the Outback for dinner after we cleaned up.

After arriving, we figured out this was not “the” Outback that you see on commercials. It was the Outback Steak and Oyster Bar of Branson. Usually when you dine at a big restaurant in a vacation area, there is a certain atmosphere. It wasn’t loud and packed with rowdy families. The background music was too slow. The waiters were not as cheery and mumbled when they were taking our orders.

We were really looking forward to the blooming onion and steaks. It seemed like everything we ordered was much greasier than usual. The blooming onion was not as crunchy or flavorful. Our steaks didn’t have that zing that you would expect from a nice restaurant. My fries were dripping in grease. We were just confused.

We had a great time considering how tired and hungry we were. There was even a small Asian child behind our booth that kept poking his head around to look and smile at us.

This Outback just wasn’t what we expected.

Is anything what you really expect though?

(Tomorrow we are supposed to zipline. We’ll see.)



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