What I do when I’m bored

I have been enjoying being at home.

I rested for a couple days and headed off to my home away from home, Hattiesburg, MS on Monday. This trip was different from last time. No screechy girls. Actually, maybe not so different. I hung out with several weird girls that made funny noises, including the always popular “MEOOOOW”. Oh, and there was a lot of Snap chatting. Too many photos, too much fun.

But really, I visited Ole Hattie to meet with the Southern Miss Activities Council Executive Board, which includes me. I’m the Vice President, and I had a blast getting to hang out with my other Exec members for the afternoon. Considering I haven’t seen some of them in two months, I was so excited to catch up after our meeting was done. Our meeting was bad either. We bonded more as a team and learned more thoroughly about the policies that we have to ensure that SMAC and its members follow.

By the way, I would LOVE if you could follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



Instagram name: usm_smac

And spread the word 😉

After I got to meet and eat with my closest friends, I  came back home to start packing for my next big adventure: Hawaii.

I went for my first time last year for one week, and I had a fairly reasonably sized suitcase. This year I’ll be there for three weeks, plus I’ll be working. So, that’s like, what, 3x the amount of normal clothes, plus work clothes? Ummm, we’ll see how this goes.

I watched almost 20 movies over the course of the week, old and new. I finally finished reading the “Life of Pi” while in Branson, so I watched the movie. To make it short, I liked this movie better than the book. It didn’t take me seven months to finish the movie.

I also watched “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”. I loved Juliette Lewis’s character, Becky. Her perspective was just… unbelievable. Great movie. A must see. Watch it. Have tissues in hand.

Now this is going to sound really stupid, maybe sad on my part, and, I don’t know, probably a lot of other stuff. I finally finished my senior year scrapbook! Yay! I got really caught up in other things the summer I graduated high school and never finished my memories book, so I finally did that 🙂



While I was I Hattie, we all transferred temporary Disney princess tattoos to our skin. I chose Jasmine, duh, to put on my wrist like a normal person. While one of my friends put hers on the front of her hip? Come on, I know it’s Disney, but it’s not a Lady in the Tramp Stamp. I don’t know how long everyone else’s has lasted, but mine still looks like I just put it on…

Since I was getting body artsy this week, I decided to draw on myself. How much more fun does life get?

Did you know Walmart sells grape-flavored apples? What’s wrong with just buying grapes? Weird.


I reorganized my room and the wall decorations. I tend to do that every single time I am home. It’s a bad, or maybe good, habit of mine.

One day, I got really bored and got obsessive over Pinterest. Wow. It’s crazy how much time someone can spend on a social media website and sometimes not have anything to show for it.

I also attempted to make a peach smoothie. Bowl. Peaches. Apple Juice. Orange Juice. Peach yogurt. Crushed ice. That was… interesting. I think everyone should try making a smoothie without a blender at least once in his or her life.

I also explored a corn field one day! Highlight of the week!

 IMG_4941     IMG_4931    IMG_4926       IMG_4914    IMG_4881

And signing off,



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