The Lone Ranger: Time Traveling

Woke up at 4:45A.M.Washed my face.

Packed my bag. It’s over 50 pounds. I try to take out stuff, but… it’s still over 50.

No sausage biscuits.

Already not a happy camper.

Dad drove me to the airport for my 10:10 flight to Dallas Ft. Worth, and we got there in enough time to try a breakfast quesadilla.

I weighed my bag and after pulling multiple things out to put in a carry-on bag, that I had originally not planned to take, it was still 55 pounds. The girl behind the counter was basically like, “Well we’ve taken out your wedges and your flat-iron. I’ll just let it slide.” Excitement overcame me, especially since she saved me $100.

She also sat across the aisle from me on my first flight. I saw her take a selfie, but when she glanced at me I pretended not to have seen her. Hehe.

However, the boy behind me had no problem making sure I knew he was there. Kicking my seat. Blabbing loudly. Obnoxious first-timer. Mom ready with motion sick drugs in her palm. His mom took care of him as if she were my mom and he were my brother. I couldn’t help but think get over it, it’s just a plane ride.

As I arrived in Dallas I wondered around a bit. I’ve flown through this airport quite a few times, and I love the mural art pieces on the floor. The map in the brochure easily make a long layover short. I remembered the castle from previous times I had visited, but this time it looked so much more intimidating, very angular and fierce.

IMG_5086     IMG_5087

IMG_5090     IMG_5093

I also never realized that this airport had a chapel. I never really thought about airports having chapels actually. It was pretty small, but there were actually people in there. So, yeah. That was new to me.


Sure enough, when I was in line to purchase a sandwich, a very short older lady almost cut me in line because she thought I was a part of the family in front of me. We didn’t even look alike! Yes, I’m traveling alone. Gosh, you’re not the only one in a hurry. Thanks for being considerate of the loner.

That’s the thing. So many travelers are inconsiderate during their layover because they think they are the only ones trying to catch a flight. Well then why am I here, right? I even saw a group, family probably, literally running off the train and down the escalators. I kind o’ laughed.

While waiting for my sandwich, there was this elderly man beside me with a hospitable nature about him, but this extremely wrinkly salt and pepper nose that didn’t match his face. I hope he’s O.K.

Ready for flight #2

Ready for flight #2

When I first found my seat, I noticed it was much more congested than usual and there wasn’t a TV like last time. Dang it.

I sat down and made myself comfortable when a penny fell from the sky. I just looked in my lap, and there was a penny, that by no means could have previously been mine. It was shiny, so I kept it for good luck. (see previous picture)

I sat alone for awhile. It wasn’t until the last minute that the seat beside me was filled by a large man. Half of a second before he plopped into the seat I felt the heat wave sweep over me. I sure hope he switches seats with his wife…

But, no, he didn’t. He insisted that she take the seat with more leg room when he clearly needed it more than she. I would have gladly given my seat to his wife, ya know, but mine was a window seat. Oh, and check out my take off view.


Totally worth it, right?

The pilot then came over the speaker and asked if we would acknowledge the military members on board. Everyone clapped, but him. And at this moment, I knew I was rubbing shoulders with a terrorist. Wtf. Why would you not clap for the people risking their lives to keep you safe?! I could tell the girl diagonally behind him was pretty ticked about it, too. (I even heard her on the phone carrying on and on about how offended she was after the flight was over.) I guess that just gave away the ending. Oops. Well, I survived, and he was O.K. Besides the snoring. He didn’t speak to me until the last half hour of the flight when he wanted to look out the window. Typical.

It got a little clearer

It got a little clearer.

Bye, Cali. Hello, Pacific.

Bye, Cali. Hello, Pacific.

Aloha, Hawai'i!

Aloha, Hawai’i!

My aunt and uncle greeted me with a lei at the baggage claim, and the adventure begins.

I arrived at about 4:00P.M. My aunt had a few things to pick up at Ala Moana Mall, so we this was our first stop.

My uncle and I were hungry. He ate a giant shaved ice, while I slurped a strawberry smoothie. More than 75% of the food stands in the food court are Asian. This was one of them. Every drink they make has tapioca seeds at the bottom, whether it’s a smoothie, bubble tea, slush, everything. My drink came with a very wide straw, and it wasn’t until I accidentally slurped up a gooey ball of tapioca that I knew why. It tasted good, but not my favorite.

IMG_5117My uncle was fascinated with the fact that I had never tasted poi. I actually had never heard of it. He asked one of the poi stations if I could try some. With a confused face, they agreed. It was a purple grey goop that has zero flavor. (cue the YUCK sound from “Kittens Inspired by Kittens”)

We came home and ate dinner. I forgot they had a cat. I can’t seem to get away from them.

After unpacking, I let my jetlag give in as I fell asleep in paradise.

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