Chickens and Kittens

Today was the first day of my internship. I am technically the social media intern, but I will also be learning different positions around the office and shadowing a few people throughout my stay. I will go between two facilities, WorkStar Injury Recovery Center (Facebook:,  Twitter:, Pinterest:,  Instagram: @MyWorkStar) and PT Hawaii (which currently has Facebook: and Twitter:

This week I am on post at WorkStar. My aunt immediately introduced me to almost everyone and set me up with someone to show me the ropes.

Want to know what will drive you crazy? You guessed it, an envelope opener. I started off sorting mail and learning how to log their mailed payments into the system. Pretty simple, right? Well when it was my turn to actually open them instead of just separating, I got so flipping frustrated! I have never felt so challenged in my life. I mean, they’re envelopes! My 27th envelope to open was the first one that didn’t look like a tornado had swiped it. My partner just laughed at me, in a nice way.

My worst enemy

My worst enemy

Then we made copies and double checked all of the stacks we had made. We received about 400 pieces of mail since it was a Monday. So that kept me busy for a while.

I spent my lunch time outside. The weather is beautiful all the time here. Wind blowing. Sun out. Perfect temperature. No humidity (well compared to the good ole ‘Sip).

Some of the other employees joined me at the table too. One girl I found out is only three years older than me and she’s finishing up her internship in hopes of being a medical assistant. The girls in the office are extremely nice and made my first day a lot less stressful than I was expecting.

During rush hour this morning, I kept trying to imagine how it was going to be, how I would feel, what will I be doing, etc. I was pretty nervous actually. Excited, of course… but also pretty nervous because this is something new to me, and I would be here for three weeks. So what if I didn’t like it? I’d be stuck. Ha. But I do like it! I learned quite a bit just in one day!

Due to a car problem, my uncle and I had to catch a ride home with a co-worker.

She. Is. Awesome.

Apparently there are a lot of feral cats in the parking lot and you can get fined if the security guards catch you feeding them. Well she feeds them regularly. (Today, a police man even approached us to tell her (again) to not feed the cats. My uncle smooth-talked him, and well… we fed the cats.)

We all went over to the far side of the lot, but as I walked over there I noticed a chicken. Then another. Annnnd another. I counted almost thirty chickens in the parking lot! Apparently that’s the thing here; they have stray chickens running around everywhere. Not only could you see so many of them, but they also vocally make their presence known.

On a mission

On a mission

She told us how one time she tried to shoo away the chickens from the cat food and one of them started focusing on her, ran at her, and almost pecked her on the leg. It was a chicken army. Think of the movie Chicken Run. Fierce.

Some of the smaller kittens were scared of them, but today they ran out desperately for the cake-sized box full of cat food. (She even called the fluffy one “Simon”.)

IMG_5147    IMG_5144

This Cool Cat also drove a convertible. I’ve never been in a convertible, so this was a pivotal moment of cool for me. Cool Cat is also from east Germany. Her story captured my attention, and her voice made me lean forward out of my seat. When she dropped us off at home, she offered to walk me down to the beach sometime. New friend right here. I couldn’t wait to see her at work at work tomorrow.

Not much activity for tonight. My aunt cooked up some organic chicken (HA) and we hit the sack. I made it.

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