Hiking Diamond Head Crater. Last year when I visited, I hiked this same route with my cousin and best friend. Today, I’ll be hiking it at 8:00A.M. and with my aunt and uncle.


The muscle burn was the same, but this year it felt cooler since we went early in the A.M. I’ll try not to talk too much about it since my last blog was ridiculously long. So here are my many pictures that I took on the way up and down.

IMG_5494 IMG_5500


IMG_5508 IMG_5512 IMG_5518 IMG_5520


IMG_5542 IMG_5552


Check out my Instagram for a quick video of the panoramic view at the top. (@ray__chill)

One thing I don’t want to forget to mention is the people. So many people, locals and tourists alike, hike Diamond Head on a daily basis.

Half are moderately fit or exercise junkies. They wore a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, a sports bra and shorts, or no shirt and shorts. Some even run up. Less is more, right?

Half are tourists that did not dress properly for such a trip. Many Japanese that were hiking wore cute clothing, dresses, or even wedges. This trail is the complete opposite of even (see pics) so I hope they didn’t fall down. I saw one girl wearing a dress with a pair of long exercise shorts underneath. Don’t be silly; don’t wear flip-flops either. You will be panting all the way up and maybe not even make it. Any age or size can do this hike. You just have to be prepared, which basically means dress appropriately. Duh.

We ate at the Diamond Head Market & Grill, located at the base of the mountain’s slope. I just about died when I finished my stack of coconut pancakes (and coconut syrup). This place is food heaven.

IMG_5574 IMG_5577

After cleaning up at home, we headed to our company’s team builder, “Summer Jubilee”, at the bowling alley. See all the awesome pictures here: (Like the page while you’re at it!)

Outside of the pictures, I was able to talk to several of the people I had met this week, and I had a lot of fun! I even scored 151 when we bowled! The last time I bowled was last October. Since I was one of the few new people, they all already knew my name and where I was from. Since I was the only one from Mississippi and they considered me a beast bowler, some now think that all of us, Mississippians, are expert bowlers. You’re welcome.

I sat by Cool Cat during lunch and talked to her a lot again. Another woman sat by us and asked me if I had done the Stairway to Heaven. It took me a while to figure out that this is a very tall, steep hike on one of the mountains here. It sounded really scary, so I now want to do it. We’ll see. I’ve got two more weeks.

Tonight, we ate homemade chicken cacciatore and watched a newly release movie called “Only God Forgives”. Yeah, only God will forgive you for making such an terrible movie. They should have renamed it “Stare and Slice” because those are the only two things the characters did the entire movie. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, go ahead and waste ninety minutes of your life. The preview for it looked SO much better. I only agreed to watch it partially because it has Ryan Gosling. I mean Ryan G. makes everything great, right? WRONG. I would say the only good aspects of this movie were the camera angles, lighting, and perspective. Otherwise, don’t watch it.


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