Sunny Sunday

Waking up about 5:30A.M., I jogged to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was pretty cloudy but still very cool to witness.

IMG_5818Yes, the sunrise is a legitimate reason to be up that early, but if you are wondering why it was because we had to leave the house at 7A.M. today. We had to dart to the Elks Lodge (a scene in “The Descendants” was filmed here) to grab enough seats for the crew we were meeting up with today.

I met a couple of my aunts friends and another girl my age who is interning here as well. I was also greeted with my third lei of the trip. Lei it on me.

My cousin also stopped by to hang out and we planned to meet up my last night and hike the Stairway to Heaven at Koko Head. After seeing her pictures from another version of the hike, I’m really pumped.

We pumped up this two man boat and rowed into rough waters. Thank goodness I never flipped when I was in it. Since the waves were pretty fierce today, our rowing and pedaling only made the boat go faster.

july21elks (2)

We also snorkeled! Last year, I snorkeled this same water with one of my best friends and my aunt. The water was much calmer and fairly easy to swim. This time the water was so rough that there were multiple times when I was stroking and kicking as much as I could but still stared at one rock for 30 seconds. The water was clear but still kind of murky (we’ll have to see how my underwater camera pictures turn out). Regardless, I saw a lot of fish and my breathing technique had improved immensely compared to my last snorkeling experience. Hopefully I’ll get to snorkel Hanauma Bay once before I have to leave. (It’s supposed to have lots of sea turtles!)

This shows the variety of sea life that you may see while snorkeling. I saw quite a few of these!

This shows the variety of sea life that you may see while snorkeling. I saw quite a few of these!

By the time we had eaten lunch, we were worn out and packed up to go home. I soaked up some more sun rays and talked to my family and friends at home since it’s usually too late here for me to call them when I get off work.

A few things I’ve learned:

  • Always say “Aloha”. It’s the safest thing to say no matter what situation. Usually.
  • It’s a small world on a small island.
  • Say “pow” when you’re finished with something, like eating.
  • “Mahalo” means thank you, and you’ll use it almost as frequently as “aloha”
Someone doesn't like me being in his backyard.

Someone doesn’t like me being in his backyard.

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