PT: Pineapple Territory

The time has come for me to explore the Physical Therapy Hawaii locations. I visited the Waipahu location first, and it includes a huge pool which they use for Aqua Therapy. I introduced myself to everyone and met with the general manager to organize a plan for their social media sites.

That "first day" picture

That “first day” picture

The next day at the Kapolei facility I talked a lot with the manager of facilities operations. She gave me a lot of ideas for social media usage for PT Hawaii and also how to improve their website. I worked a lot on their social media networks and also shadowed the physical therapists in the back.


This was particularly fun because several of the patients loved that I was taking pictures and were just the most delightful conversationalists. We talked a lot about the similarities and differences between Mississippi and Hawaii. Each patient was so different but definitely had the best spirits. I hope one day I can give people (maybe even my own patients) the hope for a better tomorrow and encourage them to keep a good spirit about their situation like these PT’s did.

A quote of the day posted by one of the PT's

A quote of the day posted by one of the PT’s

Monday night after work we decided to go for a walk down the beach and also cracked into some of the local “cuisine”. The last time my uncle and I went to the grocery store we were pretty sneaky and bought a bunch of stuff that my aunt wouldn’t necessarily have picked out herself. We got Hawaiian Sun drinks (two flavors: Pass-O-Guava and Lilikoi Passion), dragon fruit, and pineapple. They had never dragon fruit so I decided to cut it open to find this wicked awesome color.


It tasted like a mix of watermelon and kiwi, not too sweet, pretty perfect actually. And then we later paired it with ice cream for dessert that night.


Before the walk I popped a can of Hawaiian Sun and it was the best juice I had ever had. It was absolutely refreshing and not that bad for you either.


Now for the pineapple.

That night we walked to a friend’s house to go to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), but before we went we had the urge to make a pineapple upside cake. It seems like my aunt and uncle were experiencing a lot of things for the first time with me because they had never made one of these either. Crazy right?


It turned out freaking awesome despite the fact that our skillet wasn’t as big as the recipe suggested and we didn’t want cherries.



We walked to our friend’s house and met up with their whole family, along with the girl I had met that was my age. We had an awesome time laughing at our aunts and having a little fun of our own. After arriving at CPK we found out it was packed, so we chanced it by crossing the busier streets of Honolulu (that was an obstacle in itself) to find a Chinese restaurant . We had a good ole time, and it made this experience feel a lot more like home.


Oh yeah. And we saw the Hawaii Five-O car during our walk. Hang loose!


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