Packing up

These past few days have been mainly work. I continued to get a lot of feedback from the employees at all locations and get to know them a little better. I did a few new things but mainly other tasks that I had done before, like the mail (but I wasn’t a victim to the envelope opener this time!) and checking in patients.

I scanned a lot of charts at PT Hawaii- Kapolei which is similar to what I did as a student worker this past semester. So I was able to accomplish a lot in just a short time.

By going through a lot of papers at WorkStar, I found out how many patients are being treated there. As long as it took me to figure this out, I really enjoyed counting through the papers (I mean, I use to be a math major). It was pretty fun.

One day, one of the girls walked around the office with a paper bag in her hand passing out some type of food. She asked if I wanted one, to which I replied “What is it?”. She said it was an avocado popsicle.

What. I had no idea what to think.

Because I love cultural immersion, I accepted her offer and tried one. I wish I would have taken a picture because most of the ones on Google look too cute and yummy.

This ( is what mine looked like.

Yeah, the color was definitely hard to get past. There was never a stage between frozen and “too mushy”, so the texture made it difficult for me to eat. It had a slightly sweet taste, and the girl beside me ate hers in like 3 minutes. But would I eat another one? No. Never. I couldn’t even finish this one.

(As the girl from “Kittens Inspired by Kittens” would say,…”YUCK!”)

Yesterday, my aunt and I shopped down in Waikiki for the first time this trip, and I’ll be brutally honest. I hated seeing so many white people; well, some were actually lobster red. Either way…At this moment I realized the past three weeks I had been living the true Hawaiian life: in their neighborhoods, on their beaches, in their workplaces, in their restaurants and grocery stores, etc. I underwent culture shock from seeing people of my own kind, and I felt weird about it. We shopped for a little bit and ate. By the time we were done, I was ready to get out of all the chaos, the cute tootsy-fruitsy tourists, and the packs of size 0 Asians that were cluttering this place. Waikiki at night is a crazy place. I could do it alone, but preferably no one should.

On my last day on location at work, I got several hugs and lot of people telling me to visit again. Especially from the facilities manager at PT Hawaii- Kapolei. She is so sweet.

We went grocery shopping one last time and headed on home for a home cooked dinner and more chocolate haupia cream pie. YUM.

Hawaiian Redbox

Hawaiian Redbox

I packed and packed, but it was hard to imagine myself leaving this place. Three weeks here is a long time and I had gotten use to the way we lived, developed new habits, adjusted to the weather, etc. Regardless, I am very ready to see my family and friends and be able to talk to them any time I want since I couldn’t always do that here (Thanks, time zone difference). I just want a big hug when I get home. But two more full days of adventure are ahead. LEGGO.

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