One big happy family

As soon as I returned to Mississippi, my sister and I drove to Grandaddy’s house in the country. Every year, my mom’s family has a huge reunion with relatives coming mainly from Texas and Alabama. Some even come from Hawaii and Nevada. Family reunion is my favorite time of year, so I’m really glad that I was able to come home in time to see my many relatives that are only here once a year.

We have traditions, but, you know, sometimes certain circumstances (like plumbing problems) tend to change them a little. Grandaddy usually makes the BEST pancakes, and I always eat them with Karo syrup. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the pancakes, but I did something new!

My aunt from Indiana needed a partner for horseshoes, which is always played on Saturday with some of my uncles and male cousins. I have never played before, but I agreed only because she said I was her temporary partner until my cousin could join us. Well, shoot, I nailed it! It took me almost a whole game to figure out my technique, but my aunt and I ended up winning three games in a row, beating all my uncles and cousins that had decided to play that day. Girl power!!

After dinner, we decided to watch some home videos from previous reunion years…Gosh, I could not stop laughing. It was hilarious. One thing I remember is how everyone in the room said “SANDYYY” when my Grandaddy’s old dog appeared on the big screen. Everyone loved that dog before it passed, and the memories brought such huge smiles to our faces. Seeing how everyone looked, dressed, and acted over the past 25ish years was priceless. It brought my family closer, and we shared so many laughs.

On Sunday, I always hate leaving but it makes me look forward to seeing my family so much more the next year.

Immediately when I got home, I started unpacking my bags from Hawaii and trying to get readjusted to being at home again. It was different, but it’s always home. It always will be.


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